Scouting for State Parks

When severe budget cuts hit State Parks in Georgia and South Carolina, BSA volunteers found a way for to help preserve these natural lands so often used by Scouts. They developed a visionary program to mobilize Scouts and Scouting Alumi to help their communities.  

Scouting for State Parks has brought together Democrats and Republicans, as well as thousands of youth, leaders, and volunteers from Scout groups in the Southeast. Scout councils in both states have committed to undertake a group service project for a local state park.

Additionally, these councils will encourage youth pursuing Eagle Scout, Scouting's highest rank, to perform their required capstone project in a State Park, allowing Scouting to focus the impact of hundreds of Eagle projects.  We hope more states will adopt the program.


- Helps states address a critical need in a difficult time

-Provides parks with needed maintenance at no cost to taxpayers

-Engages Scouting youth, volunteers, and Alumni in meaningful service

-Increases awareness of State Parks and benefits all citizens

To get involved or bring Scouting to State Parks to your own state, visit or contact Alvin Townley.

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