Red Shirt Young Adult Program

How can we get energetic and inspiring young adult leaders involved with Scout units so they can improve the unit experience?

How can we help young adults continue on the Scouting trail?

Adopt the RED SHIRTS program.

The RED SHIRTS program engages alumni and improves the unit-level Scout experience by providing a path for age 18-29 adults to serve local units and continue developing Scouting values.  RED SHIRT teams will provide leaders and counselors for units on a flexible weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


  • Improve the unit-level Scout experience.
  • Engage and develop young alumni.
  • Increase retention and attract new members.

Current challenges

  • The unit level Scout experience needs improvement to increase retention and drive new membership growth.
  • Too few young adults are involved in unit-level leadership, depriving Scouts of unique skills and young adult role models.
  • Young alumni lack a defined path and appropriate options for active unit participation.

Program overview

  • RED SHIRTS associate with units, charter partners, districts, lodges, councils, or other institutions and provide leaders for local Scout units on a flexible basis.
  • Members will wear red shirts of any style or brand.
  • Curriculum of "certifications" continues to develop Scouting-related skills and values.
  • RED SHIRTS may organize independent service projects, outdoor excursions, and social events.
  • Flexibility, simplicity, and focus on unique age 18-29 needs and interests will drive success.


  • Increases retention and membership by providing Scouts with engaging young adult leaders.
  • Creates a defined and appealing next step to keep young alumni engaged.
  • Offers particular benefit to units lacking strong adult leadership.
  • Provides experienced Scoutmasters a "bridge" to Scouts (like young adults ASM in Jamboree troops).
  • Continues to develop outdoor skills and Scouting values in young adults.

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