From best-selling author Alvin Townley and the Academy Award-nominated producers of EVEREST....

...comes a motion picture that will reignite a Movement and inspire a nation with Scouting's SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE.


America has never seen Scouting like this.  A high definition, high adventure film, SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE transports audiences around the globe, introducing them to extraordinary young men and women - all former Scouts - who are living the values of Scouting as they serve others and undertake their own adventures with a greater purpose.

The film will share Scouting's story with those who need to hear it - Scouts, leaders, alumni, partners, and most importantly, the American public and those new families our Movement needs to reach.

View the trailer below and also meet our producers, MacGillivray Freeman Films, the world's finest adventure cinematographers and producers of the highest-grossing documentary of all time. 

A downloadable PDF overview is available here: Spirit of Adventure film.pdf

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