Using the Books

Scout councils, leaders, volunteers, and individual troops around the country are using Legacy of Honor, as well as appearances by the author, with great effectiveness. As an important first step, councils have ensured their grass roots membership is aware of the book's availability via newsletters, emails, and other announcements.

Many councils and troops are providing books to new and upcoming Eagle Scouts or others involved in Scouting. Special arrangements, including autographed and personalized copies, are available. Inquire at

Resources and Ideas

Following are several methods for using Legacy of Honor to promote and strengthen Scouting:

1. Recognizing volunteers and stewarding donors.

2. Congratulating new Eagle Scouts.

3. Engaging the media with press releases pertaining to the book, and if appropriate, offering the media local angles (See resources in Media Kit).

4. Encouraging leaders and Scout parents, and providing them with material, stories, and lessons for use with Scouts.

5. Re-engaging or discovering Eagle Scouts and Scouting alumni with publicized events involving the book and/or author.

6. Communicating the Scouting message to the public by sharing the book with individuals and groups not directly involved with Scouting (business and civic leaders, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs).

7. Activating National Eagle Scout Association chapters, providing material for events, and re-engaging NESA members.

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