Former Air Boss Vice-Admiral Tom Kilcline and Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell endorse FLY NAVY
January 2, 2011

The leaders of the naval aviation community are beginning to weigh in on Alvin Townley's new book, FLY NAVY.

Vice Admiral Tom "Killer" Kilcline, Jr. served as Commander, Naval Air Forces from 2007 until his retirement in the Summer of 2010.  The son and father of a fighter pilot, the respected naval aviator had the following to say about FLY NAVY, due out April 29, 2011:

"Flying has always captured the human imagination and, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation, Alvin Townley's FLY NAVY crystallizes that imagination into inspiration.  From the first sea-based flight through all of our nation's battles in the 20th and 21st centuries to the farthest reaches of man into space, Alvin weaves a compelling story of the actions and lives of the men and women who make up the Naval Aviation legacy."

Captain Jim Lovell, a naval aviator best known for his leadership as Commander of Apollo 13, also commented:

"In this year of the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation, FLY NAVY gives the reader snippets of the colorful history of the exploits of naval aviators and naval aviation's importance to the -United States this last century."

Former TOPGUN instructor and Blue Angel Number One, George "Elwood" Dom said, "The spirit of Naval Aviation resides in the colorful characters who share the common bond of gold wings and the excitement of aerial adventures from the sea.  FLY NAVY opens a window to this romantic, dedicated, and occasionally irreverent spirit."

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