Spirit of Adventure Featured on Chief Scout Executive’s Blog
April 14, 2009

Bob Mazzuca, chief executive officer of the Boy Scouts of America, featured Alvin Townley's upcoming book Spirit of Adventure on his personal blog.  The blog, read by thousands of Scouting professionals and the public, discussed the new book and encouraged readers to share it with others.  Mr. Mazzuca observed, " Alvin serves as a Scouting ambassador and...;Spirit of Adventure should serve as an inspiration for Scouts everywhere."

From the blog of Chief Scout Executive (CEO) Bob Mazzuca ( 

"It's always exciting to see new a new book about Scouting on the horizon. The scheduled May release of Spirit of Adventure by author Alvin Townley is no exception.  For his first book, Legacy of Honor, published in 2007, he spent three years traveling around the United States and the world to explore and experience Scouting first hand.

"During that time, Alvin was truly inspired by the service and leadership displayed by the Eagle Scouts he met from all walks of life. His travels took him to Australia, Hawaii, Nevada, Africa, and even aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. He shares the stories of this new generation of leaders in Spirit of Adventure. A copy of the book cover is below.

" Alvin is clearly delivering our message about what Scouting has to offer through his writing and through testimonials he gathered from Eagle Scouts for Spirit of Adventure. An Eagle Scout and member of the Order of the Arrow, . It would be a terrific gift item to have available in Scout shops, so placing an order in advance from would be worth your while.

"This is a great read, and I encourage you to pick up a copy and share it with others. Making the best-seller list would position Spirit of Adventure as a great front-and-center testimonial to all that we do for America's youth as we approach our 100th Anniversary."

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