Scouting's Future on Fox News
August 12, 2015

Speaking to Fox News, Alvin Townley shared thoughts about the Scouting Movement's future as it looks to move beyond its recent changes in membership policy.

The Boy Scouts of America's Executive Committee voted to lift their previous ban on gay leaders, while still allowing charter partners such as churches to select leaders for their own units as they always have before. This continues the practice of allowing units to tailor their experience according to principles of their charter partner, as long as they continue to adhere to the core principles and program elements of Scouting. This way, Scouting can include units affiliated with Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, and myriad other faiths. "Scouting camps under a big tent," Alvin said.

Alvin noted that Scouting has always aimed to serve more youth with it's citizen-building programs and neither exclusion nor sexuality have ever been core values of Scouting. He noted the recent decision moves the organization beyond this divisive issue and allows it to focus on the larger challenge of serving youth in today's modern age, where the programs of Scouting are needed more than ever.


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