Townley releases Scouting Resurgent
May 3, 2013

ATLANTA - After years of studying Scouting and following the organization's steady membership decline, Eagle Scout, author, and former strategy consultant Alvin Townley has released a strategic plan that will rejuvenate and empower local Scouting, returning the storied organization to growth and reestablishing its place in American life.

The study included interviews with volunteers, Scouts, parents, professionals, and civic leaders across America and drew upon Townley's backgroud in global strategy and on Capitol Hill.  The plan brings more youth into Scouting's leadership, applies entrepreneurial business principles, and envisions a revamped program that will engage today's youth and families.

The plan addresses the controversial membership policy by reaffirming the rights of local leaders and parents to ensure the behavior of members in their units always supports a safe and positive Scouting environment, consistent with their teachings.  Townley saw no need for divisive national policies that trump the judgement of those involved in local units.

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