Fly Navy

Top Gun was only part of the story. FLY NAVY delves beyond the Hollywood image to reveal the true mettle and genuine story of the elite men and women of naval aviation.

For 100 years, the U.S. Navy's aviators and crews have made the difference on military and peacetime missions around the world. Their unparalleled skill, preparation, and everyday dedication have paid off at the times it matters most: when lives are on the line. Together, these men and women - officers and enlisted, past and present - have protected freedom, served their country, and forged a legacy of valor like no other.

In this landmark book, Alvin Townley takes readers on an adventure around the world and across generations as he goes behind the scenes of naval aviation. From the skies over the Arabian Sea to Southeast Asian jungles to carriers patrolling the vast Pacific, he uncovers incredible stories of service members who survived weeks adrift at sea, made midnight rescues in deadly storms, crash-landed behind enemy lines, and found themselves in situations where their exceptional training and focus were the only things standing between life and death.

Filled with inspiring personal accounts of courage, camaraderie, and sheer perseverance, FLY NAVY pays tribute to the extraordinary individuals who have built naval aviation into the elite force it is today - and will remain tomorrow.

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