An Alabama Public Television Film distributed by PBS
Directed by Mark Fastoso and featuring By Alvin Townley

Recipient of four 2016 Emmy Awards, including Best Documentary

55 minutes


American prisoner of war Jeremiah Denton sat in a Hanoi interrogation room, facing a television camera. As he responded to questions from his captors, he slowly yet deliberately blinked his eyes. He blinked in Morse Code and sent America a chilling message about the treatment of U.S. POWs. He blinked out: 'T-O-R-T-U-R-E.'

In this Emmy Award-winning film, author Alvin Townley and former POWs tell the extraordinary story of how future U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton endured nearly eight years of captivity inside the prisons of North Vietnam. During his incarceration, Denton lead hundreds of POWs in defiance of the communist North Vietnamese Camp Authority. He personally endured unspeakable brutality and deprivation, yet he never surrendered hope, faith, or his will to triumph and lead his men home with heads held high. Meanwhile, in the United States, his wife Jane helped start the sweeping POW-MIA movement and unite a polarized country behind one common cause: bringing home the POWs.

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